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                From the 1990s, basing on the domestic market in China, JHMC started 'going abroad', as one of the first 'going out' enterprises. In 1998, JHMC obtained the right of self-export, and then made partners with some of other import & export companies. The products are sold to Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rico, Ivory Coast, Chile, Pakistan, Congo, Ethiopia, Angola, Laos, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and other more than 30 countries around the world.
                International business
                Gantry crane and overhead crane Hoist products Metal structure products
                Ship lift Cable hoist Non hydropower business
                Electrical equipment installation and commissioning After sales and maintenance services Structure and equipment installation
                ABOUT US
                Sinohydro Jiajiang Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as JHMC, previously JHMW) belongs to Sinohydro Bureau 7 Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1966, JHMC was mainly engaged in the hydropower business, to design, manufacture, transport and install all kinds of super large gates and hoists, ship lifts, cable cranes and other electrical & mechanical equipment. JHMC is one of the technology intensive large-scale specialized manufacturing enterprise. JHMC is the national 'observing contract and valuing credit' enterprisse, the national machinery industry key enterprises, the country's 100 largest metal products enterprises, the largest metal products 10 enterprises of Sichuan Province, a major technology and equipment industry chain enterprises, 'Jiajiang hydraulic' trademark for ten consecutive years in Sichuan Province being prized as the famous brand.
                Qualification information
                CONTACT US

                Address: No.40, Xihe Road, Jiajiang County, Sichuan Province, China
                TEL: +86-28-87777561 / +86-28-89993380
                FAX: +86-28-87797721
                E-mail: jhmc_hwsyb@163.com
                Post code: 614100
                Website: www.jhmw.com

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